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Are you a Millennial? Or Zoomer?

Then I bet you’re pretty tired of life being unaffordable or scared of how we’re inheriting a planet ravaged by climate change or of being demeaned from society undervaluing you. Has discrimination touched your life or the lives of someone you care about? Or maybe you’re just having a hard time and don’t know where to turn.

That’s everyone here, we’re all looking for some reprieve. 

A Generation Adrift was started under the principal that giving gives, even to the giver. Let’s face it, life’s hard, we all need help sometimes and we want to be that help.

Simply put, we are the OPPOSITE of Facebook. Here, there’s no need to create an account, we’ll never sell your information, everything we do is curated to avoid misinformation and we’re actually trying to make the world a better place. This is the online community A Generation Adrift is and forever will be.

Whether it’s through the Airing Of Grievances section where we talk about, discuss, and offer suggestions on how to navigate the sometimes hopeless feelings of modern day life.

Or through our podcast where we interview celebrities and professionals to show you that you are not alone, we all feel like that from time to time and our podcast offers advice on how to make the most of life.

And last but DEFINITELY not least, our resource list can help.

Want to learn but can’t afford school? Our free education links have you covered, you can learn about anything you can dream of for free, guaranteed. Want to learn a fun skill? We’ve got links for that too! Having troubles and need someone to talk to? We have lists of resources the world over to make sure you aren’t alone. Or maybe you just want to turn your brain off and have some fun. No problem, we’ve got links for that too!

The resource list is ever expanding and holds information into anything you could ever want!

Thank you for stopping by, we hope we can help!  

P.S – Have a suggestion for a resource or have a grievance you’d like to air? Send us a message!



Where we interview celebrities and professionals with the goal of offering helpful advice and an insight into universal mental health.


Airing Of Grievances

In many ways like the housing crisis, inflation and climate change, life is harder for Millennials and Gen-Zers. Here is where we vent.



A vast and continuously expanding list linking you to all the free learning, free entertainment and free resources you could ever need.


A Generation Adrift runs purely on the donations it receives from it’s gracious users.
Even $1 helps keep the lights on.
No amount is too small.

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