Have you ever had a conversation with life that goes something like this…

You “I’d really love to own a house one day”

LifeThose start at $700,000 you know…”

You “Yeah… I guess I’ll stick with renting.”

Life “You have $2,500 a month for a one bedroom?”

You “Well… We MIGHT be able to pay that but… We’re saving for a car and a vacation.”

Life “You can afford one of those!”

You “… Which one?”

Life “Your choice BUT keep in mind… You can’t afford rent, car payments,vacation, insurance, food, utilities AND parking”

You “… How am I ever going to afford to have kids?”

Life “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that’s cute. The world’s on fire by the way.”

You “Well… Fuck.” 

If you have then I’ve got news for you… You’re either a millennial or Gen Z and we both know this is only the tip of the iceberg. BUT the good new is…  I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. We are A Generation Adrift.

It happens everyday

I look at others and think ‘How do they have everything figured out?’ Maybe it’s spurred by someone asking me about my ‘career’ (a word that brings me anxiety to no end and I believe should be deleted from the English Language… But that’s astory for another day). Or maybe it’s when a friend or family member manages to scrape together enough of a down payment from years of savings and the Bank Of Mom and Dad to buy a house.

Regardless, I constantly feel like I’m doing everything wrong and somehow I’m the only one without all the answers. But curiously… I also have people email me asking if they can pick my brain, ask how I ‘do what I do’ and it makes me take pause because I realized… They look at me the same way I look at everyone else. 

This is not a problem that exists solely in my mind, it’s UNIVERSAL. 

But if we all feel like we’re dragging, being left behind…. Then why? Why do we feel like this? Simple… Because no one talks about it, we hide our struggles.

What causes you to feel adrift?

The cost of living? Buying a house?

The worry that having kids is unaffordable? Or that you may be bringing them into an unfair world on the brink of environmental collapse? Are you discriminated on for who you are? Ormaybe you have depression or anxiety like I do.

Regardless of reason, this is why we’re here. We’re going to talk about, bring resources and try to encourage change that will make these feelings either liveable, or go away completely.

Through interviews with celebrities and accredited professional and a curated resource list that will enable you to make educated life choices or just… Have some distracting fun in dark times, A Generation Adrift is here to help you find the shore.

We’re here to help.

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